Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Models , Up Late GOMA 25-08-17

The Models were one of my favorite bands of the
Australian 1980's indy scene. I saw them a few times
back in the day, they supported David Bowie on the
seroius moonlight tour but didnt became really popular
until after James joined.
I preferred the early Models which isnt to say I wasnt a
James Freud fan cause I was, but theres something  about
Sean Kelly's vocal I love.
Anyway it was a fab gig, right up the front at the feet of
the great Mark Ferry I was able to get some great shots
But I was fairly deaf after it all
These guys still have it!
And what a fabulous venue is the gallery of model art,
holding its Marvel exhibition, for this band


Stephen Scott said...

It was a great gig - the Redlands one was better IMHO. I couldn't get close for GOMA but had an amazing view for Redlands. And I think Sean did the vocals of James' tracks justice. Sean was always the better singer of the group. So much more personality.

djcrew said...

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