Friday, May 15, 2009

Andrew Pendelbury - Don't hold back that feeling

Andrew Pendelbury's last solo album is a very special album,
half instrumental, half guest vocalist, with many great
artists such as Chris Wilson, Deborah Conway, Kate Ceberano,
and Dave Steel. All great vocalists, with a fair blues lean and
some of the best this country has to ofter.
Add to that some of Andrews fantastic instrumental work
and you have a memorable album.


01 - Tired of me - Chris Wilson
02 - Summertime
03 - Liberty blues - Deborah Conway
04 - Very early
05 - Crime of time
06 - Calling you - Kate Cerberano
07 - Trinidad
08 - Don't hold back that feeling - Chris Wilson
09 - Barfly
10 - Deep water
11 - Silvertown - Dave Steel
12 - There, there
13 - Sunrise - Kate Cerberano

Download Here


Mona said...

Thank you Bob!
Life is well weird but I will get to FB soon.
Haven't seen Mr P around for a while, maybe on tour, but I have a killer idea.
Soon (promise)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Oh I look forward to your killer idea mona

miss prudence said...

Wow I am reading all this stuff and , well it's good to see that is isn't just my good memory.
Reading James Freud: I remember my ex-boyfriend was asked to drum for Berlin in the early 80's, something wnet down and ended in tears when someone suggested they were sleeping together (so not true at the time! I can swear!) Craig stomped off went to think about an offer to drum for "deck chairs overboard" (that's the way!) and then stomped off to Canberra to dabble in an arts degree in the ACT...and of course some of the bands there (young docteurs!)
You are bringing all last stuff up again, grown up now I can enjoy the memories!


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Wonderful Miss Prudence I'm always glad to resurrect great memories. Fell free to drop in and add yours anytime

Anonymous said...

Cheers Bob
It is a great Album.
I guess Andrew is another great aussie battler who never seemed to get his due recognition.
I hadn't realised he was in the Slaughtermen...I guess Ian Stephen being frontman got most of the attention.
Speaking of Ian, I worked with him around 1970 (both clerks)I was 15 yrs, he was 'Nasho'age, and got locked up for burning his card

I caught Chris Wilson & Brod Smith last Friday night, an excellent bracket from 2 of oz's premire harp players...turned to a mate and said 'well John Mayall is gonna have to pull something out of the bag to beat that'. Well John did have a full band behind him, and he was brilliant. But,in saying that, I'm not saying he was better - it was just different.

Great Blog you have here thanks again

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Brian I recently posted a fantastic AP album, I have something of one of his more recent ventures coming soon. Love the Slaughtermen I have posted some of their stuff and have more to one day

Anonymous said...

Darnation, I missed the boat!! I don't suppose it is possible to get some updated links for Pendlebury's great body of work, please?