Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Dreaming Festival 2009

On whats called the Queens birthday Long weekend here in
Australia, great we still get a holiday for that isn't it, the
annual Dreaming Festival is on here at the Woodford Folk
Festival site just 45 mins drive from here.

The weekend goes from the 5th to 8th of June and I'm
heading up there for the whole festival this year, camping
on site and getting right into things.
The exciting news is both Shane Howard and Archie Roach
are performing on the opening night and I hope doing some
stuff together.

The Queensland Folk Federation who organize this world
class amazing festival separate from the other world class
festival they do, have put together an expansive and
impressive program which covers just about anything
you could think of as a showcase for first nation peoples
and their culture.

Some 8 or so stages, heaps of
artists in all areas of art and performing arts over 3 days.
Indigenous people from all over the world, Dance,
music, Art, Theater, Film, Workshops, Forums,
so much do see learn and enjoy.

If you live in the area you really shouldn't miss this,
I would love to hear from anyone who planing to be
The entire program can be viewed online and you can
read in detail all about the festival at the web sites