Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time - Shocker

Its about time for a Brisbane band post.
The classic album from the classic Brisbane band,
only in Queensland could such a band exist.
I saw these guys do their legendary Pig City
reformation gig, what a hoot.

The Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time formed in 1985,
out of the ashes of Brisbane's punk scene from the early
part of the decade. A band was formed out of members
from outre outfits such as Kicks, Riptides, The Ken Palmer
Connection, Tex Deadly & The Dum Dums and The
Kingswood Trio.

Often adorned in ridiculous costumes, the band played
around Brisbane between 1985 and 1987 while gaining a
cult following due to their onstage antics and songs about
mass murderers, science fiction shows and drugs.

In that time, the Pineapples released the double A side single
'Saha/Too Much Acid?' and an LP, 'Shocker' -
both of which sold out shortly after their respective launches.
Somewhere along the line, the band broke up
(as these things happen).

Fast forward to 2000 and the band are asked to reform to
celebrate Brisbane independent broadcaster 4ZZZfm's
25th birthday and the original line-up plays before a packed
house of nostalgia buffs and ambulance chasers alike.
A secret show straight after at Double Helix was planned
and executed.

A year later, founding member Michael Hiron sadly passed
away at his home. A tribute show was organized to
commemorate his passing and thusly The Pineapples From
The Dawn Of Time assembled a line-up as a tribute to this
great contributor to the Australian independent music

scheme of things.
Filling in his big shoes behind the drum-kit, local music
historianand Citroƫnthusiast Donat Tahiraj was asked
and so the second chapter of the band began. Shortly after,
former Lovs E Blur and Spank vocalist and Sandgate's premier
socialite, Wendy Seary has joined the ranks to augment the
line-up of Michael Gilmore (vocals), Rod McLeod (bass)

and guitarists Clem Lukey and Peter Kroll.
Popular demand brings a sheen to an otherwise dusty
ornament and so the Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time
assemble sporadically at the request of their rather
dodgy punters.

2007 sees the classic 'SHOCKER' album repackaged and
issued on CD
for the first time. The band nearly steal the
show at the historic
'Pig City' concert at Queensland
University, gracing the stage with
The Saints and The
Riptides amongst other legendary Brisbane performers

and officially unleash the album with a gala go-go dancer
filled show
at The Troubadour. Shortly after, the band
bid a sad farewell to
tub-thumper Donat when he takes a
missionary post in Albania.

The band consider their future, contemplate each others
and realize that you can't keep a good bunch of
freaks down.
They harvest their crop of gigantic, gangly,
side-burn brandishing
sidekicks and find Murdoch Noyes
to keep the freak-beat happening and
lasso the cow-poking
plectrum power of Mr. Robert E. Lee to add some

extra grunt to the planet of psycho-sound. More showcase
shows and
recordings are planned, so tell your disfunctional
friends and family...

the circus is back in town!

Download Here


John said...

What a hoot indeed Bob. I was very keen to see the Pineapples at the Clarence Corner last December 20th but unfortunately has a prior engagement. Oh well maybe next time.

bob nebe said...

A smaller gig would be fabulous indeed john

jem said...

thank you from the bottom of my heart... my lp version of this lies in garage in brisbane somewhere and ive been searching evrywhere to try and get this again

Unknown said...

There is a certain demented genius on this album which I love passionately, even semi-carnally. It should be in a list of great albums in 'The Wire' or

chuck said...

this link is for the crazy fugger that comes to this page 3 times a day...

enjoy but ffs dont go on any murdering rampages... chuck says murder is not kool m'kay!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely a big fan of the Pineapples!!!

That video they did for Too Much Acid is probably the best Aussie music vid made in the 80s.


EstaciĆ³n Espacial Mir said...


Could you re-upload it? The links are not working :(

Thank you!

bob nebe said...

Sorry I seem to have lost this and shall have to ask Chuck