Saturday, March 6, 2010

At The Solicitor's Request - Various Artists

A classic compilation of Brisbane artists that has long eluded me.
Thanks to Michael who lives in New York.
Aint the internet an amazing thing.
Has to be the greatest album cover of all time!

At The Solicitor's Request.

(Was first called "At the Fuhrer's Request"
but was changed due to legal advice)

12" LP - 1988
Rubber Records

01. Leftovers - No Complaints
02. Just Urbain - Rather Stay At Home And Watch TV
03. Public Execution - SS Brigade
04. Mystery Of 6's - Black Banned
05. Young Identities - Threats
06. Kicks - In Fear OF God
07. Razar - Rask Force
08. Vampire Lovers - Buzzsaw Popstar
09. Strange Glory - Burning Angels
10. Prince Of Weasels - Fly Trap
11. Vacant Rooms - Time For Truth
12. Dementia 13 - Hacksaw
13. The End - My Confession

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Anonymous said...

I never knew of the name change ... that's too funny!

Thanks bob & Michael ... some great tracks on this!


observer said...

classic cover

Michael said...

Australian in musical spirit, but thoroughly American....One can also try to track down the Shakedown comp cd that has a bunch of these tracks (Just Urbain, Kicks, Young Identities...). Probably not easy to find, though, even in Australia. Can send that along if needed.

Dead EyesOpened said...

Woohooo finally! Nice work guys, been looking for this one for a while now!

bob nebe said...

Yes please Michael, the shakedown comp shall be great.
Guess I assumed you must of came from Australia originally, to have an interest in what is pretty oscure stuff.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Rocket has left a new comment on your post "At The Solicitor's Request - Various Artists":

I am the guy who put this together with my mate Axel (Vampire Lovers) all those years ago. These bands were even better live and Brisbane was a hot bed of racism, facism, and that's why the cover came about. That is Joh Bjelke Petersen on the cover and he was a corrupt jumped up little Hitler. The entire compilation was done over night in a classical music recording studio as it was down time and cheap. The record cost about $1000 bucks to print, press, record, and cut. I see copies going for $400-500. There were 50 done without the stickers before the "solicitors" got involved. The cover is by legendary music promoter Paul Curtis (manager of Regurgitator) who took over my role in Brisbane when I moved to Sydney then London. I still have my copy and the reel to reel and acetates. cheers Johnny

MateDownunder said...

Hi, I am Marty who played drums with Prince of Weasels. We recorded 4 tracks in a studio called Pyramid. The session was at short notice as another band couldn't get it together, so we used the time booked. We only did one or two takes for each track. It was the first time I ever heard what Tony ( Brassington) was singing. I hope some people like " Flytrap".