Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little Au Go Go

A little mixed post today that mostly revolves around the
fantastic Melbourne record label Au Go Go.
We have a scanned copy of the Prehistoric Sounds fanzine,
with a great article on Au Go Go.
Download Here

Plus two singles that came out on the label.
No Mans Land - I Need More/Inside Your Heart
Download Here

and The Moodists- Gone Dead/Chad's Car
Download Here

Check out the fanzine for more information.

Thanks Chuck for the idea, scan and rips.
Any art on the singles would be appreciated.

Au Go Go Records
From Wikipedia

Au Go Go Records is the name of a Melbourne, Australia
independent record label. It was founded by Bruce
Milne and
Philip Morland from a house in Brunswick
Street, Fitzroy in
1979 and is now operated by Greta Moon.
The label started releasing bands on the Melbourne punk
and New Wave scene.
Its first release was in 1979 with the EP Overnight by
Two Way
Garden. The labels first 25 releases were the
bands' debut
recordings and included some seminal
Australian acts such as
The Young Charlatans,
Mungabeans, Marching Girls, Clint Small,

Scarpa Flow, Little Murders, the Zorros and Dorian Gray.
Philip Morland left and Greta Moon joined in 1982.
By 1994 the label started to increase its profile due to the
and overseas success of bands like The Moodists
Dave Graney and Mick Turner of The Dirty
Releases from this later period included the
"Swampland" (which was actually the b-side
of the single,
with the a-side being "This Is My Happy
Hour") and God's
"My Pal", one of the label's most popular
releases, as well
as titles by Ollie Olsen's band NO,
Harem Scarem, various
compilations such as the
"Asleep At The Wheel" collection
of (mostly unsigned)
Melbourne bands, and the well-received

"Hard To Beat", a double album tribute to the Stooges,
featuring many Australian acts.
The label also branched out into international releases,
issuing albums (under license) by overseas bands such as
Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Junior and Big Black.
Au Go Go was also instrumental in helping these bands tour
Australia.In 1987, with the success of the mail-order service,
the record shop was started. The shop shifted to a smaller
space in central Melbourne in June 2000, but closed in late
2003 after losing its lease. Bruce Milne started an offshoot
Giant Claw Records, in 1989, to issue 7" singles.
He is currently involved in running Melbourne
pub/rock venue the Tote, in Collingwood, as well as a new
In-Fidelity Records.
Au-Go-Go continued throughout the '90's, issuing early
from such Australian acts as Spiderbait, The
Meanies and
Magic Dirt, the latter becoming one of the
label's top attractions.
Magic Dirt left Au-Go-Go in 1999,
and the label never fully
recovered. Due to a lack of funds,
many of Au-Go-Go's releases
are now out of print and are
fast becoming collector's items


Warwick said...

Wow! Love it! Thanks!

ps: can you also scan the page(s) on the Models? Although 1994 was well past their prime, I'd love to give it a read and preserve it on the web!

Baskingshark said...

I can help with scans of the Moodists' "Gone Dead".

For some reason I have two copies.


Baskingshark said...


There are scans of the covers of the No Mans Land single embedded in the mp3s.

Here they are as separate files:


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I shall see what happened to the pdf file warick, chuck sent me 2 files and i may have uploaded the wrong one.
Thanks steve, you must have an incredible record collection

chuck said...

I broke up the scans to keep the pdf of a good quality but a managable dload size... the models bit i havent sent yet bob... will do soon.
art has been sent via email. doh forgot the other day :)