Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Issue 13 Fast Forward Cassette Magazine

The moment you have all been waiting for, we have reached
the end of the Fast Forward posts.
For some reason unbeknown to me this was the last release
from Fast Forward, but its a good one.
There is an interview with Edmund and a rare live Laughing
Clowns track, no less than their instrumental masterpiece
Mr Uddich Schmuddich Goes to Town.
Worth the price of a download alone!
Also the wonderful Sacred Cowboys also live.
I hope you have enjoyed the Fast Forward series.

Track List
01 - Charles Bukowski & Quentin Crisp - Style
02 - And An A - Holiday Crowd
03 - Tiny Tim - Interviewed by Virginia Moncrieff
04 - (Cough Cough) - Jungle Song
05 - (Cough Cough) - Enfante
06 - Sacred Cowboys - Is Nothing Sacred
(Live at Troy Studios, Melbourne)
07 - Steve Taylor (Features editor of 'The Face')
- Interviewed by Andrew Maine
08 - Big Band Combo - Shivers
(The Ballroom, Melbourne, Sep '82)

09 - Jeff Holland - Alf Docker Reporting '
'Political Life-Styles''
10 - Laughing Clowns - Ed Kuepper
interviewed by Geoff King

11 - Laughing Clowns -
Mr. Uddich Schmuddich Goes to Town

(Live 2JJJ, 5 June '82)
12 - The Manikins - Walking on Water
(Planet Sound, Perth, 15 June '82)
13 - Philip Brophy - Sub-cultures
14 - Honeymoon in Green - Fireman
(Learnt not to Cry)
15 - Blurt - Ted Milton interviewed by Clinton Walker
16 - Blurt - Benighted
(Groningen, the Netherlands, 15 Aug '82)
17 - Legendary Pink Dots - Stoned Obituary
18 - Robert Smith & Simon Gallup - A Few Stylish Tips
19 - The Fall - Mark E. Smith interviewed by
Bruce Milne & Robin Plunkett
20 - The Fall - Hexen Hour (Prince of Wales Hotel,
St. Kilda, 2 Aug '82)

Download Here


steve hurley said...

g'day bob, great series of posts. i remember all of these fast forwards, indeed i bought and still have them all. as i recall, and i hope it is born out in the truth, there was no announcement that FF was finishing. i used to pick it up in a record shop (who's name escapes me but as soon as i post this, i'll remember) in cotham rd kew in melbourne and it just kinda didn't appear anymore.
bruce milne of course went on to found au go go, both the record store and the label not too long after this venture.
it would be great to hear from bruce or someone associated with this to sanity check my aging synapses.
take care

Baskingshark said...

The series did stop without warning. I seem to recall that I'd only recently renewed my subscription.

But nevermind, it was a great venture while it lasted.

Cheers, Steve

Bobby said...

My apologies if you've already highlighted this, but there's a most amazing exhibition currently on at the Ian Potter Museum of Art in Melbourne (at Melbourne Uni) called Melbourne <> Brisbane which charts the interplay between the two cities in the late 70s and early 80s through the lens of its music.

For anyone interested in Gobetweens, Nick Cave, Saints and every other amazing band of that time and place this exhibition is unmissable. Not so much an exhibition as like going to your mates' place and having him tell you EVERY last thing he knows about tevery band that was doing anything half-way interesting during a wonderful period of Australian music.

Absolutely wall to wall with zines, records, and filmed recordings of Robert Forster, Laughing clowns, Boys Next Door, Zero, Primitive Calculators and about a million other bands. Apartments; so amny more.

All of these recent cassette zines and there in the flesh.

Really worth a trip down from Brisbane/Sydney to be honest. It's on until the 16th of May.

A couple of links below:



Robert Forster played live at the echibition opening, featuring some unrecorded new songs.

You even get a poster to take home. The exhibition's free.

Graham said...

Steve: The record store in Cotham Road was "Exposure", and it was one of those small, cluttered, great shops you used to get where you might find anything and it would have a hyperbolic recommendation texta-d onto the plastic bag. Frank Falvo, who ran it, went on to co-found the Shock record distribution empire.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks guys some great stuff there, bobby the exhibition would be a fantastic thing to see thanks for the information,
stay tuned for an augogo post!

Anonymous said...

graham, i remember frank very well, a really passionate bloke who loved to spend an hour or more talking about bands. i still have many of those recommendations scrawled on the bags on the records in my collection.

chuck said...

thanks for those links bobby. i wish they would tour the exhibit to brisneyland as ive got buckleys chance to get to melbourne b4 may.
Im wondering if the "Brett Colquhuon's personal dialogue with the late Grant McLennan" is from a radio spot i heard on 4zzz in the early/ mid eighties. It was maybe a 30 minute+ song writing / general chat with grant that i could never again track down in 4zzz archives. Bretts name rings a bell from sumwhere. A really inspirational piece of radio at the time thats getting blurier as the years drift by. Hopefully it was dubbed and shipped to state archives if this isnt the same piece.
years later guitar / songwriter phil manning (ex chain) did a similiar show on abc am612.Ive got that one on tape sumwhere ,ill dig out and send to Bob.
Any more detail from melb folk about this exhibit would be most welcome.

viva la blog!

David said...

Re: the end of Fast Forward. My memory of it is that Bruce M and Andrew Maine who were the co-producers of the magazine (along with designer Michael Trudgeon) had a falling out and Andrew continued with a rebranded cassette+colour magazine called Crowd. The first issue had the cassette. There was at least one other issue, with no cassette.

Bobby L said...

I'll head back to the exhibition and try to provide a bit of a blow-by-blow of it for those that can't attend. It really is wonderful.

I'll follow up Chuck's questions about the Colquhuon connection. There's a whole corner of a room dedicated to their friendship, with ipod recordings of mix-tapes that Grant made and sent to Brett, and postcards and letters etc. between the two.

I'll see what I can do about taking photos - it's usually an exhibition by exhibition thing, but I work at the gallery from time to time and might try my luck.

Will report back by this time next week with all I can.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

We are begining to get to the bottom of the end of the fast forward afair,
thanks david.
And Bobby, I shall be glad to publish any review of this exhibition here, photos and all

bikeboy said...

Thanks for the Fast Forward cassettes, Bob. I own about half them, so it will be good to give the others a listen!

AW said...

Fascinating conversation! Hope it's not too late to join in. I used to work for the independent record distribution company in the early 80s that distributed Fast Forward, a company called Musicland Record Distributors. One of our customers was Exposure records, and one of our sales reps was David Williams, who I believe started Shock Records with Frank. Interesting connection! I have a complete set of FFs and was just wondering what to do with them.

Just to keep the nostalgia coming, I was in a band called The Metronomes with Ash Wednesday. We recently (as in 3 weeks ago) did our first ever live gig and are about to have tracks released in vinyl on an Italian record label. It's weird (and fun) the way the world works.

Al Webb
Facebook page: The Metronomes

rothko67 said...

If anyone is interested I just posted FF issue 010 (March 82) on Ebay