Monday, September 20, 2010

Robert Forster - Lee Remick 2010

I got to see Robert Forster on saturday night doing his 15 songs about... tour. A great show at the Powerhouse, well actually a piece of scaffolding erected up against the wall at the Powerhouse.. .. no roof covering and the threat of rain for days looming made this an uncomfortable setting (byo cushion ffs..) I cant imagine the stress for professional artists to get ready for a possible washout gig, but I can imagine being a punter trying to see a professional artist in a potential washout gig. The Gods were on our side however, after a bit of spitting rain early into the gig, all remains dry.
QUT scaffolding co. - FAIL !
Robert Forster and co. - SUCCESS !

Mr Forster travels through his extensive back catalogue entertaining the crowd with camp fire stories of ye ol times gone past. A great concept and well structured gig. The big suprise of the night was Robert Vickers playing bass for the encore songs. It's been a long time since I've seen Mr Vickers do that little dance he does when he is channeling fine music. The usual suspects -Karin, Adele, Glenn and Matt appear for a few songs but most of the gig is Robert standing tall with acoustic in hand reinterpreting a 30+ year collection of his music. A couple of cover versions including the Saints song "The Prisoner" that comes with the Foruli version of his book - the '10 Rules of Rock n Roll' and Redcliffe's finest export - the Bee Gees song "I Cant See Nobody". He also revisits his pet project friends - The John Steel Singers song "Strawberry Wine".

I managed to get a video of gig opener "Lee Remick" before eagle eye nancy drew usher lady did the dreaded tap on the shoulder... - "No recording here sir!"

Thankfully she didnt spot the dat deck....  audio coming soon :)
Clearly a winner for the chuck award "100% fuking awesome" of September 2010... even penciled in for the year 2010 award.

This clip is from abc radio national that features Robert singing "Born to a Family" and chatting about his "15 songs about Sydney" gig for the Sydney's writers festival of May 2010.

This is an old clip from 1988 and has a 'pre-return to live in brisbane Grant' chatting about this lil' town.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Chuck you have out done yourself, Ive been liitle busy in the city of Paris and when I get to the net I see this wonderful post. Would have loved to see this gig

Don WL said...

Thanks for the post. It's the perfect preparation for your '15 Songs...' boot. / Ouch! The radio host thought Robert wrote "Cattle and Cane." But, he was, no surprise, a gentleman about it.