Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tims Surprise Visit.

Well a fantastic and big surprise last night, Tim aka Mona who runs
the greatest blog in blogworld, flew up from Melbourne for our
wedding which is tomorrow. Both Tim and Carmen have been
planning this for months and keeping it a secret.
We all when to Fortitude Valley to Chinatown and I showed Tim
the sights such as they are in the Valley, ending up at the walk of
fame the the Brunswick mall at the Go-Betweens plaque.
Its all shaping up for a very exciting time!

You can all follow our travel adventures on our travel blog

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MyFace Figurines said...

All the best for your Wedding!!
And Congrats!!

Unknown said...

dang! I always thought mona was a chick :/
sorry Tim :D

Happy hitchin day to you 'n' Carmen Bob!

Anonymous said...

A Go-Betweens plague sounds interesting, is it contagious?

bob nebe said...

Bugger dont believe I did that!

exilestreet said...

@Bob - The pleasure was ALL mine. Had a brill time at the wedding and I need to see you guys in Melb sometime after you get back from Yirrup!
@Chuck - Ssssh! Keep it under yr hat LOL!

G-Man said...

which blog is it ( the best in blogland ) ???

bob nebe said...

Its the top link in my blog links, Exile in mona street

exilestreet said...

Exile 'IN MONA' street? That's a bit of a Freudian slip there my friend!!!

bob nebe said...