Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sir Edmund Kuepper Plays the Spiegeltent 15 sept

As a part of Brisbane Festival 2010 - the right honourable Sir Ed straps on the geetar and entertains one and all at the Spiegeltent on wed 15 september. He will be accompanied by lil John-e xero on lap steel and banjo and Linda Neil on the lil fiddle.

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I stumbled across this vid the other day down in the dungeon and thought it deserved a place on the stripey sound.

Ed performing "All of These Things" probably may 1997.
It is from a saturday morning t.v. show that ran for a couple of years in the late 90's called "Recovery".
Many ppl bagged the show at the time because of host Dylan Lewis but I found it a treat. Often the musical guests were dog tired from staying up all night or just a bit cranky for waking up early to perform for a 9am start.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Crikey out of the country a month and a half and look what happens.
I shall look forward to the reviews

peter said...

The smegger used to release 2-3 records a year, nothing much for years now... Where's the new album Mr. Sir Kueper????

John said...

I will be there with the gang of stalwarts in tow. I was surprised not to see you blokes at the Troub shows.

Meltingpod said...

thanks Chuck for Ed's video !!
a TV show recorded at 9 am ?? it's maybe the reason of the big black glasses

chuck said...

Ed performed early in this episode.. the saints near the end... maybe.. the sunglasses were on in case Bailey recognised him in the green room . . .. .