Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4 ZzZ turned 35 today.

It only seemed like yesterday....
I forgot to get the Ol girl a present ... I should subscribe again I guess...

4ZZZ's History
“You’re listening to 4ZZ-FM Brisbane bringing you stereo FM rock on a frequency of 105.7 megahertz,” John Woods 12 noon December 8 1975 and The Who’s ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again” was broadcast to Brisbane for the first time in glorious FM stereo.

4ZZZ’s first broadcast on December 8 1975 signaled a revolution in Australian radio, it was the first community FM station in Australia and pioneered the playing of contemporary Australian music on these shores.

A new breed of radio station was emerging around the country thanks to an initiative of the Whitlam government and in Brisbane it took the form of 4ZZZ.

Ever since then Brisbane's best loved independent radio station 4ZZZ, has been supporting local music and artists, putting on great events, presenting news and opinions not found in mainstream media and providing support to the local community.

 In 1985 they made a book to celebrate the 10th year - Download here


Hingehead said...

Reading Andrew Stafford's 'Pig City' right now - brilliant!

Brisbane Printing services said...

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