Monday, December 27, 2010

Kintore Gospel Band and Mt Liebig Band - Western Desert Gospel

Back in 1990 I did a pilgrimage of sorts to the Northern Territory,
I was looking to experience Aboriginal Australia and the real Australia
that I had heard so much about. It was an incredible experience
and I came back very different.
While in Alice I picked up a couple of Cassettes, the kind of thing
that you didn't see outside of the center.
This is one of them and is my first cassette digitization.
I have a few interesting cassettes to blog as I rescue them from
being lost. This music is wonderful Western Desert music,
beautiful, relaxing unlike anything else. It transports me back to
the desert with its rich colours and isolation.
I'm hoping that this music will find fans all over the world and
no matter where you are the western desert will come to you!
Right now Brisbane is anything but a desert, we have had so
much rain for so long now I can't remember anything like it
since 1974 when Brisbane went under.
I was rather young then so my memories are very dim.
This is music to brighten up the wettest day!

Download here


brian said...

This looks damn interesting. Good work and thanks! I've never heard indigenous music from AU...
-Some dude from Ohio

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob - can you upload to please? - all links are broken.

Bob said...

Back up!