Monday, July 4, 2011

Fad, a Brisbane Fanzine

Mark has sent me a Brisbane fanzine from 1978 to
share, a true bit of Brisbane music history.
In the true spirit of do it yourself punk style
this is a cut and paste, photocopy fanzine.
It was a popular way of supporting the music
scene in many places, I have seen a few examples
from the English punk scene over the years.
Some great stuff in this fanzine!
Click on any pic to enlarge.

Over to Mark,
Thanks heaps Mark

Here is a Brisbane fanzine called Fad.
I would say that it was early to mid-78 as it states
that the Numbers and Go Betweens are soon to release
their singles.
You can see from page 2 that it was produced by Mark Overett,
who I presume is now owner of New Holland Pictures .


chuck said...

guna have to buy mark a scanner for xmas methinks....
big thanx for the mag.. love stuff like this :)