Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Matt Williamson - Little Songs Two

Matt has sent us another beautiful album of his wonderful folk songs,
Check out this for some truly fantastic music,
His stories of Australia, the music that evokes the landscape.
I do hope you'll make it up to Brisbane one day to play,
I'm thinking Woodford!
My wife loves your music to, she told me tell tell you
Thanks Matt

Now over to Matt

G'day bob.this is a recent compilation of little songs including
some instrumentals we have been doing. We did a couple of
shows with Kerrianne Cox. Try and catch one of her shows
if you can, music with a story and a class act.
Best regards matt and shaking hands.
ps. keep up the great work and love of good music and meaning.

Track List
01. Spiritual
02. Sooner Or Later
03. Old Black Man
04. Reprise
06. The Sprinter
07. Bad Cousin To Your Own Brother
08. Cup Of Tea
09. Jimmies Theme
10. Radio Heaven
11. All Over The Moon
14. Loaded Man With A Gun
15. Same Town
16. Captured
17. Get Outta Here!!
19. Shackled
20. Anthem
22. Told You So


shakinghands said...

sorry if i gave you the wrong link bob. try this one.

best regards matt.