Friday, July 29, 2011

This Five Minutes - Swing Between The Flags

This Five Minutes were one of the greta Brisbane bands
from the first half of the 80's. They played around all the
major venues, made it onto some Classic Brisbane
compilation albums from the era. Their single How? B/W
Reaction Time made it to 81 on the ZzZ hot hundred
in 83. This is a 6 track Cassette that the wonderful
Paislie has digitalized and shared with us.

Thanks Palisie!

Track List
01 - Sometimes (The Night Time)
02 - Complications
03 - No-one Deserves To
04 - Changes
05 - Wonderworld Arcade
06 - Lou in Green


Tony Moore: vocals, guitar
Tom McKeon: vocals, bass, vocoder/synth
Greg Gilbert (aka "Des Johnson"): drums

Other members included:
Guy Petersen: guitar, vocals
Greg Wadley: bass
Ian Wadley: trumpet
Pat Ridgewell: organ
Martin Mackerras: sax


chuck said...

I'd given up hope finding treasures like this - big thanx Paisley for helping out ;)