Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ed Kuepper and Mark Dawson - Live at the Spiegeltent Brisbane Festival 2011

Well its been a long time since I last saw these two play,
something like 20 years. An I saw at least 3 gigs including
the wonderful Spring Livid where they played in Albert park
as the sun went down!
Tonight in an equally impressive venue the amazing
Spiegeltent they play to a sell out crowd that they had eating
out of their hand.

This gigs brief was a re-imagining of Ed's debut solo album
Electrical Storm and his 1990 Ed and Mark classic
Today Wonder.
And re-imagined it was, especially the Electrical Storm,
tracks that originally had a very different treatment.
Also gone was the 12 string that Ed always played
during that period with Mark.
Still acoustic but more complex, with just the 6 strings.
Stand out tunes were, the title track Electrical Storm,
a blinding Palace Of Sin and Master of two Servants.

Today Wonder was even better, those songs are still as
magical as they were 20 years ago.
The highlights of course were the song Ed tells us
was the reason the Berlin Wall fell,
Everything I've got belongs to you, which became
a wonderful singalong.
Horse under water, which he no longer plays by
striking the strings with a pen and the song
first made famous by the Laughing Clowns
and re-recorded for Today Wonder, Eternally Yours.
This morphed into the Tim Hardin's track
If I Were a Carpenter .
By the end the audience gave them a standing ovation.
Ed tells us Mark was recently voted the words 9th
best drummer and Ed is of course the worlds greatest
Guitarist so how could you go wrong!

You can find a video of electrical storm and a recording from

the night Here at Turn it up


chuck said...

Thanks for the pics:)
couldnt make it but hope Ed puts out one of his bootleg cd's so i can enjoy the sounds another day..