Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gathering fest. was cool...

It's a nice venue full of great sounds..  got there late and missed some stuff I would have loved to have caught up with - escpecially Jim Rockfords and Bertie Page Clinic. Arrived just as William Barton was setting up. This guy is amazing - he has an almost Nusrat Fateh Ali Kahn thing going on when he is singing in language.. A simple setup of bass n didge with a bit of apple magic.. I would see him again in a flash .
Another band I would seek out are Glockenspiel
never heard of em b4 but really impressive stage show -110% energy .. not bad for a couple of diks..

Toothfaeries rocked the shed with even more energy...I only caught a few songs and wandered around to the main hall for the highlight of the night.
Screaming Tribesmen are indeed back..A big show with no disappointments.. If you live in Sydney or Melbourne don't miss out on this one..

Just a short clip - good news is they had cameras set up so hopefully a dvd package coming soon!
And one more short clip :)
There was this skull watching EVERYONE!! - kinda fereaked me out...

no audio from me on the day.. machine packed it in - awaiting neighbour to get home so i can borrow his shottie and finish that machine once n forall... future youtube clip in it methinks...

Other highlight of the day - meeting this guy -

Greg -drummer for Razar and the Leftovers
I hope you dont mind me sticking this pic up on the web, Greg... He originally posed for this shot so I could give it to Steve Kunde for bootlegging Razar t-shirts and not giving him a cut - LOL

4ZzZ did an outside broadcast on the day and featured many interviews of the days entertainers. You can catch those interviews on the ZzZ podcast web page found here -
your looking for uploads with the 18 Oct dates as interviews not labeled Gathering Fest- just labeled by artist names... happy hunting!


Bob said...

Great stuff Chuck, right up front for the tribesmen. I'll be doing the same for tuesdays night gig!

chuck said...

I dont have a ticket for that yet... might still go if it hasnt sold out b4 i get organised... was hoping Ed would come thru with a date with Mark and I could "arrange" something.. but doesnt look like that is gunna happen :/