Friday, September 9, 2011

Tyrone's Ukulele Heart

Pic by Grant Heaton

David who has contributed on this blog before with
his fabulous bands Friends of the Iguana and the Goodbye Notes,
is spreading the word about a new (well, kind of new!) musical
project. He is seeking to fund a recording to be called
Ukulele Heart which will be a collection of original ukulele songs
by Tyrone, David's alter ego.
In many ways similar to the Kransky Sisters who I covered in the last
post, Tyrone's act is funny, very musical and very entertaining.
Theres some great clips up at Tyrone's Youtube channel Here.
So check some more of the diverse wonderful music of Brisbane.
Now over to David!

Tyrone has quite a history, and may be strangely

familiar to Brisbane music lovers.

He played the first Livid Festival in 1988, with comedy

group Skins on the Wall, and appeared at several later

Livids, including one memorable set between

Screamfeeder and psychobilly outfit Fireballs.

(He was the guy with the iguana)

He has played at the Zoo many times,

the Cairns and Melbourne Ukulele Festivals

and took his show Ukulele Mekulele to the Sydney

Opera House.

He’s aiming to record his first album, and you can find out more

about the project here at


Anonymous said...

mr.Kenneth & myself love this ukulele fabulousness, bob!

Go Tyrone Shoelaces!

Bob said...

Its very cool thats for sure, so Im not surprised you guys love it!