Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Gatekeepers - Indoors/Ogre/Silence


Peter Jetnikoff - vocals, guitar
Greg Wadley - bass
Ian Wadley - drums

The Gatekeepers began around later 1982, containing various former members of the Pits, Motherless, the Swirl and the Dum Dums. Shortly after, the group self-released an 11 track cassette, Cosmic Street of which two of its tracks appeared on the monumental 1984 c60 compilation, Leaving Home for the Party on the Roof - Susan Burn and Keeper of the Gate as well as the early 4ZZZfm compilation tape Queensland in Quarantine featuring the Unkindest Cut released in the same year.
Early line-ups featured drummers Elizabeth Connolly and Greg Gilbert (aka Des Johnson), Margo Hoyte on keyboard in addition to mainstays Peter Jetnikoff and Greg Wadley.
Fast forward to Melbourne in 1988, and the Gatekeepers exist primarily as a recording venture, releasing the 12" EP Indoors/Ogre/Silence in that year and the 7" single Saturday/In This House two years later.

In addition to the cassette album and vinyl releases, the Gatekeepers appear on various SPILL cassette and CD compilations (Happy Still from SPILL Compilation One is a must-hear) well into the mid part of the decade, as well as an acoustic version of Silence for the Brisbane-based Malignant label collection Fuck the White Race from 1994.

This single was released on HWS (somewhat of a precursor to SPILL, who also provided a catalogue number to the first self-titled EP by Small World Experience.