Monday, December 26, 2011

The Strand - Live At The Miami Hotel 26-01-80

Michael recently sent me this wonderful piece of Gold Coast/ Brisbane
music history. Some great tracks on this I especially like the track
Triple Z in my head as it goes through all the great shows that were
on the station back then.
Jeremy Oxley who went on to the Sunnyboys did his apprenticeship
here as a 17 year old and other went on to the excellent Gold Coast
band The Seven Ballerinas

But I shall put you over to Michael who can
tell you all about this band!
Thanks Michael!

The Strand was Tait Brady (vocals), Keith Mackay (bass), Mick Lake (drums),
Michael Palmer (guitar), Shane Williams (keyboards, vocals)
and Jeremy Oxley (guitar, vocals).

The Strand were formed late1978 on The Gold Coast. They embraced the
current trends in English New Wave and Pop playing covers of bands like
Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, Ian Dury, Doctor Feelgood, Nick Lowe etc. etc.
The Strand managed to acquire a residency at the Miami Hotel on the
Gold Coast playing every Friday and Saturday night.
Playing to an empty room at first but as word grew so did the crowds.
Mid 1979 saw the arrival of a new guitarist.
A 17 year old Jeremy Oxley.
The bands list of originals songs grew once Jeremy joined.
‘I Can’t Talk To You’ appeared on the first Sunnyboys album.

The CD was recorded on the bands final night at a packed Miami Hotel in
January 1980. It contains 17 of the originals the band played.

After The Strand, Jeremy went to Sydney and formed The Sunnyboys.

Michael Palmer joined with John Smethurst, Mario Spina and
Nigel Baker from fellow Coast band Ratpack to form Seven Ballerinas.


chuck said...

thanks so much for taking the time and effort to get this set organised and passing it on to the blog ... a very happy chuck!

Tatiana said...

I'm sooooo glad i've found this blog!
The cd is awesome! This band is my new addiction!

El Isabelino said...

Hi Bob. Saw the Sunnyboy documentary and was looking for The Strand. Any chance for a re-up? Thanks and saludos.

Bob Nebe said...

back up

Hawkwood said...

Wow - I've never come across this Jeremy Oxley related obscurity until today!! Any chance of another re-up for The Strand?