Friday, December 9, 2011

Only The Lonely - John Kennedy

I just discovered this and have to tell you all,
the fabulous John Kennedy has a new 6 track ep,
Sons Of Sun, which includes this cover of the
Roy Orbison classic and reinterprets it as a reverb
drenched dreamy ghost track.
The video was shot in St Stephens Cemetery in Newtown,
Sydney on bright winters day in June 11 by Al Yung and
edited by him in Hong Kong
I'm off to Itunes now!


Anonymous said...

I was at the show at Red Hill out of Perth last Sunday night. Awesome, all three 'bands' (hard to call Ed Kuepper plus drummer a band, tho they had a full-enough sound) brilliant, church very very loud but maybe I'm just getting old. Brilliant anyway - my first church show after discovering Priest=Aura in 92. But Triffids - always wondered what the fuss was, as I sort of missed them when they were around in Perth initially (as was I). Now I know. Brilliant show.
What a night, what a setting. If Red Hill fails, it'll be a tragedy, because it suited Triffids and church so well.
Even got my wife interested in Triffids - woohoo!
Oh, BTW, thanks for the concert posts - keep the memory alive a bit.

Anonymous said...

aww this is great...i havent thought about him for years, but we used to go and see him and his love goes wrong band back in the 80s-90's if i remember...
beautifully crafted song interpreted wisely by a very talented man...
well spotted and posted :)