Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jimmy and the Boys - Not Like Everybody Else

Back in 1979 this little gem hit the record stores,
they even were on countdown. What I didnt know is
the classic title track of this album was a cover of a
kinks song. Found that out some time later.
Described as a shock rock band and fronted by
the flamboyant Ignatius Jones these guys released
three Lps.
In May 1981 they scored their only top 10 single with
"They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk to Me"
written by Split Enz front man Tim Finn.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting - this album brings back memories of my youth. I was a huge fan of J&TB during my high school years. In fact they were the first band I ever saw live (was underage and snuck into some some dodgy hotel in Springvale, Melbourne). Their live shows were legendary and usually contained props such as water melons & offal. I still have the original cassettes of their two albums and a couple of vinyl singles. Any chance of posting a copy of their second album - Teddy Boys Picnics as I no longer have a cassette/record player?

Many thanks, Mick

Bob said...

Hi Mick thanks for the feedback, I shall post teddy boys next

bazzil said...

Both their albums were re-released on CD as a double disc set called "Wild Boys" (lucky I grabbed one when it was out). It came out as a limited run on the Avenue label and also included Products Of Your Mind which didn't appear on either LP.
I do have In hell With your Mother on LP if anyone is keen.


Bob said...

Im sure I have the products of your mind single on pink vinyl somewhere, Id love to be able to complete the trilogy with the mothers lp bazzil thanks

Anonymous said...

They were crap. "I'm not like Everybody Else" was a good song when done by the Kinks but hte way J and TB did it made them sound like everybody else (all the mediocre punk bands). Note that their only hit was from Tim Finn. No decent songs of their own. Sub- Zapperesque humour is not a compliment but dead on the mark.

Thanks for uploading the good stuff - this one I will pass on by a mile.