Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jimmy And The Boys - Teddy Boys Picnic

The second studio album from Jimmy and the Boys was the 1981,
Teddy Boys' Picnic.
The band then briefly disbanded in January 1982
and Jones moved to the theatre stage, playing the dual roles
of Eddie and Dr. Scott in the Australian revival of
The Rocky Horror Show.
In mid-1982 the band reformed for a national tour,
which resulted in a live album, In Hell with Your Mother
but they disbanded soon after.

According to rock music historian, Ian McFarlane,
the group's performances "mixed S&M trappings,
sex shop props, mock rape and other depravities
with sub-Zappaesque humour, hard rock, jazz,
reggae and disco"

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Unknown said...

Hi Bob, many thanks for posting my request - looking forward to another trip down memory lane. Best regards Mick

michael burak said...

Hi Bob, was hoping to download "Teddy Boys picnic" but file has been deleted on the sites?

michael burak said...

The links to "Teddy Boys Picnic" are all broken. I anyone could provide a fresh link it would be much appreciated.