Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Robert Forster - Robert (live 24th Oct 2012)

There is that old adage that if you can play a song on acoustic it will stand up to any future production tampering as a worthy song in it's own right...
So.. to see Mr Forster stand b4 an intimate crowd (Visy theatre holds 200 max) and just bash out such an impressive back catalogue with only an acoustic in hand to protect him from the mob was an impressive evening indeed...
Karin gets up for a few songs during the encore to play some fiddle but this night was all about Mr Forster and his gift of great song writing..
This recording is from the second of two nights at the Visy theatre- Powerhouse in Brisbane.
I didn't get any photos from the night - powerhouse are a bit anal that borrowed some art from willy Blake for the covers..

Download here - 


Bob said...

Your a legend Chuck. This is a wonderful recording, fantastic artwork, just a shame you are scared of the powerhouse keepers, never stopped me. Just kidding great post!