Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mark Ferrie - Actual Reality

 Mark Ferrie is Australia Music royalty, he has a long and expansive
career and has contributed a lot to this blog!
 Bass player for the Models, Sacred Cowboys,
The Slaughtermen, The Mercurials and the RocK­wiz Orkestra.
He toured and recorded with both Steven Cummings and Andrew
Pendlebury in their post Sports days
He has somehow managed to squeeze in this debut solo album and
later a second one called Nuts and Bolts,
which I would love a copy of!
Its brilliant stuff, Mark sounds like Lou Reed but don't take my word
for it have a look at the video and grab this rare and wonderful

Track List
01 Poor Excuse, Baby
02 I've Fallen (And I Can't Get Up)
03 Just A Kiss Away
04 Veronica
05 Easy Lovin'
06 The Way From Now On
07 Actual Reality
08 New York, New York
09 Easy Lovin' (Instrumental)

Download Here


GAM said...

Hey Bob - it's Glen. I came to see you once a few years ago, remember? Anyway - I might have some more stuff for you soon - some live recordings of Brisbands, including some of one I was in (Pillbox).

I always find downloading stuff from your blog a lot of trouble. Is there any way you could use a more straight-forward cloud service for your downloads like Dropbox or GoogleDrive or SkyDrive? I think you should be able to find something that's free which has enough storage for your needs. You could just keep what you can up in the cloud and repost the odd item if it's requested.

Bob Nebe said...

Of course I remember you Glen, still in Brisbane? I remember your great stories of busking in London! I'm looking forward to anything you have and I can see that these free mirror servers are getting harder to find were one downloads from, instead of downloading some crap program or malware. I shall look into the cloud option

Geoffrey said...

Now there's a hat!