Thursday, July 30, 2009

Computer Crash

For anyone who has made any requests, Questions
or anything recently, My Computer got a real nasty
virus and is out of action at the moment.
This has lead to a modernizing of all things computer
round here so I'm making this post from my new
Lap top, on the new wireless network.
So anyone who has requests ect, please make them
again, use the comments here and I shall get on to them.


miceaton said...

hey bobby-thats no good about the crash - hope your new laptop is kickass - hope u well -we all good here- cheers mick

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hey Mick alls great I shall try and ring you, I am looking forward to tomorrow night, going to see Kev Carmody

Fernando Rocha said...

I hope this problem ends soon and this wonderful blog goes on. Good luck!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Fenando, i,m back up now and the blog goes on,
as chuck says
viva la blog