Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eat your head - Various Artists

This 22 track compilation includes tracks from bands such as
Civil Dissident,The Vicious Circle, Murder Murder Suicide,
End Result,The S·C·U·M, Royal Flush, I Spit On Your Gravy,
Charred Remains, The Bodies, Permanent Damage
and Madflowers. It comes to us from Colin from Tassie
who has generously shared this gem with us
Thanks Colin, now lets hear from Colin.

"Eat your head" was originally released in '84. It's an interesting
beast: first off, its format was a four side 12" -
basically four 12" EPs;two bands, with two songs, to a side.
Secondly, it's essentially a "punk/hardcore" compilation,
but as you'll see - and no doubt remember - "punk" was a much
broader church in the early days than it later became.
For instance, bands like Murder Murder Suicide or
Charred Remains would have been unlikely to be classed as punk,
even just a few years later.

It was reissued on CD by AuGoGo in 1997 -
which is where I've ripped the tracks from.

Of the bands on the compilation:
Vicious Circle went on to carve their place in Hardcore,
while their drummer Russell Hopkinson has quite a resume
in Aussie music. Royal Flush was the first outing for a very
young Tim Hemensley, later to find renown with GOD, Bored!
and the Powder Monkeys (I've also got a high quality recording
of Foot & Mouth, another early outing by the GOD boys).

Speaking of Bored!, this comp also features Geelong band
the Bodies, with Bored! main man Dave Thomas.

Then of course, there are the two Gravies' tracks. Hilarious to see
that someone was taking the piss out of Hardcore,
even as it was just beginning.

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