Sunday, July 26, 2009

Louis Tillet - Soliloquy

Another beautiful haunting album from the master
Louis Tillet. Soliloquy released in 2006 is his most recent
offering, I don't know much more about this record,
but Louis sure sounds like Chris Abraham's piano.
It is as John puts its great to hear Louis strip it back
to just him and his piano.
Thanks to John for this little gem and helping to
complete my Louis collection.

Track List
01.An Ancient Song
02.Bitter Pill
03.Dead End Street In The Lucky Country
04.Hold Me
06.From Me To You
07.Morning Light
08.Teary Eyes
09.The Devil Knows How To Row
10.The Tempest

Download Here


John said...

It is Louis playing the Piano Bob. Great to hear him strip back some of his back catalogue to just piano and vocals.

Anonymous said...

thanxalot - i thought i had all his albums, but i must've missed this one. you wouldn't have it in a higher bitrate, perchance? anyway, thanxalot! best, ubique

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

It is bloody good john, he can play a mean piano

John said...

I am new to this so bear with me please. I ripped it through Itunes. Is there a better way?

Anonymous said...

Sadly underrated performer, pity he does not tour. Would love to see him live.
Thanks for my Louis fix....philip

... said...

I've been trying to find a copy of this since my cd got stolen.

This is by far my favorite release of his.

I saw him twice at the Sandringham Hotel in Sydney. Excellent.

Thank you for posting this