Friday, July 31, 2009

Michael Nyman - The Piano

John shows us how wonderfully cultured he is and shares with us this
soundtrack album and his review of the recent Michael Nyman concert
Thanks John

The Michael Nyman Band with William Barton.
QPAC Concert Hall. 25th July 2009.

I first became aware of the music of Michael Nyman when I caught the excellent film The Piano on release back in 1993. Not only did the movie catch the right note with me but the music was so perfect and captivating that I was hooked. I grabbed the soundtrack by Nyman and never looked back. So when Nyman and his 12 piece band toured I was going and nothing was getting in the way. No regrets either as they put on a powerful and brilliant display. Covering his works from various film scores such as The Draughtsman Contract and Prospero's Book Nyman also wrote a new piece called "Banjo And Matilda" that was a world premier. Featuring the superb William Barton on electric Guitar and didgeridoo this received a well deserved ovation.