Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Bushwackers and others at the Gympie Muster

There was big music festival up these ways that I had
never been to before this weekend. Its been going since
1982 and here's a description from the history of
country music website.

It's been described as the quintessential Aussie event and
with the towering gums and leisurely lagoons of beautiful
Amamoor Creek State Forest Park near Gympie in Queensland
it's the perfect setting for more than 25,000 people who
flock to the National Country Music Muster each year in the
last week of August. The Muster attracts fans from all
corners of the nation to see the stars and legends
(and would be stars!), of Australian country music on the
main Muster stage. And there's 13 other on-site venues too,
including folk, alt-country, bush poetry, country dance,
Talent Search, workshops, international film festival,
art auctions, not to mention a full-on Blues program.

All new to me but I'm learning, I have to say there was
quite a lot of folk and roots type stuff to make me more
than happy. Not a big fan of your regular American
commercial country music, I do like Alt country very

Ted Egan is an old favorite, I've seen him many times
at Woodford and even in Alice on the 25 anniversary of
the Wave Hill strike. He is one of Australia's greatest
story tellers and sings his songs accompanied only by
his Foster phone, an empty beer carton.

This band the borders are the sort of non- country
thing you can see, some sort of very energetic Celtic
type band they had the crowd up and dancing.

Graeme Conners is a gifted songwriter from north Queensland
who put on a great show, showcasing songs that had influenced
him and the songs he wrote in response.
He performed a wide ranging number of songs, from trad bush
songs, Neil Murray, Slim Dusty and even Rolf Harris.

But it was the legendary Bushwackers I was waiting for,
I once saw them at Woodford and they were a sight to
behold. Tonight they didn't disappoint!
I've followed this band since I was like 16 or something,
as politically explosive as Redgum but far more musical,
entertaining and bloody good fun, that's how I would
describe them.

Dobe Newton hit the stage in a brilliant blue suit and
attacked the stage with his Lager Phone like Nick Caves
Grand Dad, you would have to be dead not to be
moved by these guys. They keep you constantly enthralled,
moving between Dobe and Roger Corbett singing different
songs and their fantastic instrumentals,
leading a "heel and toe" bush dance and many funny moments
like when Dobe dedicates the 2nd song in to all the gay cowboys,
tells some clogg dancers to bugger off over there, pointing
to the dance venue and when he discovered that he'd done
the first few songs with his fly undone.
Some new songs, loads of oldies it was a great time,
I even managed to hit the dance floor with my girl.


exilestreet said...

Seems like you had fun Bob!

bob nebe said...

yep not bad for an old fella!

John said...

Great read Bob. I discovered the Alt Country scene a few years back and it has been an ear opener to say the least. In fact I can even say that I am now an unabashed fan of all kinds of Country's various sub genres. For those that are interested there is a fabulous duo doing the rounds in Brisbane called Texas Tea. Kate the singer has a super voice live. They write soulful Gothic tunes that stay in the mind. Another local act I suggest to check out is Bluegrass specialists The Wilson Pickers. They sound like Paul Kelly meets Neil Young meets Flatt and Scruggs. They are appearing at The Troubadour soon and I am going all things being equal.

bob nebe said...

How you going john, I do love Texas tea and have all their stuff. My fav current Brissy act. Kate Jacobson is playing at GOMA on the 11th I think
as part of up late the next week Robert Forster is playing.
I shall have to check out the wilson pickers.

John said...

I am going good and I join you in having all Texas Tea's stuff Bob. Kate was support for the Jim White/John Doe gig earlier this year. Very approachable lass is Kate. They where going to tour France so she was telling me.

Maria said...

Hi all,
I am Maria from Brisbane.
I have always love the Bushwackers and indeed have some of their albums.
What I really need to know is where and when I can see them perform.
Or when there is a bush dance get together in Brisbane, I am longing to bush dance again, as I don't drive anymore I need some thing to attend in Brisbane.
Hopefully yours maria.

Maria said...

Can anyone help me find when and where there is bush dancing in Brisbane. Maria

bob nebe said...

Hi Maria, the bushwackers web site
is the place to see when they are playing , it looks like Tamworth is the next time, they havent played much in recent years.
I did a bit of a search on bush dances in brisbane and found some stuff,
The Australian Woolshed
A typical Australian experience at The Australian Woolshed at Ferny Hills. Located about 20 minutes by car from the CBD, it features the popular Ram Show, which includes a shearing demonstration, spinning display and working sheepdog demonstration, as well as Friday and Saturday night bush dance dinners.
But sounding better is this
Northey street city farm
BUSH DANCE 28th nov
Our popular annual Bush-dance returns this month. Our regular band, ‘Whirlygig’ returns, with full calls, so that
everyone can get to dance. Roo & Clytie, who make up the ‘Honeyeaters’ also return to entertain us through
the evening. This is very much a relaxed evening, at minimal cost, for all ages

Ciao Bob

Maria said...

Thankyou so very much in helping me. I wasn't sure my comments would even be read. You are very kind and the info you sent me is perfect.
enjoy the music.
Best wishes