Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grant Mclennan - In Your Bright Ray

Well its been a while between Go-Between's posts,
I was listening to this, Grants 4th and final solo album
the over day wondering why I keep going back to it.
The obvious answer being its my favourite.
I think it is his masterpiece, but I'd
love to hear some ideas from others.
The album featured Brett Myers of Died Pretty,
Wayne Connolly of Knievel on guitars,
Maurice Argiro of Underground Lovers on bass
and Tim Powles of The Church on drums,
an impressive band.

01.In Your Bright Ray
02.Cave In
03.One Plus One
04.Sea Breeze
05.Malibu 69
06.Who Said Love Was Dead
07.Room For Skin
08.All Them Pretty Angels
09.Comet Scar
10.Down Here
11.Lamp By Lamp
12.Do You See the Lights?
13.The Parade of Shadows

Download Here


miceaton said...

bout time fella

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hey Micky we should chat

observer said...

thanks Bob

i haven't listened to this CD since 2001. it's in brisbane and i'm not.

Anonymous said...

His Fireboy album was a cracker, so I'm looking forward to listening to this one ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I had never heard the entire album. Just various tracks from radio sessions. It's pure pop brilliance!

Robert Lukins said...

Just reacquainted myself with this LP whilst running around the streets of Northcote.

Such a great record.

I've always considered this Grant's solo 16 Lovers Lane - in that it's the polished, tight, poppy, late-era (well, you know what I mean) album of his bunch, and is completely brilliant.


hookfinger said...

Thanks Bob. Great post. Stay in touch.

Anonymous said...


His masterpiece. Can I say that I regard Grant's solo work so highly that I place it above the GoBetweens'.

In 40 years of fandom, no rock death, and I mean none, has affected me like Grant's passing did.

Vale Grant.

jeff in sydney.