Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dave Steel -The Hardest Part /Truckin' Bossanova

Dave Steel is a singer / songwriter, multi instrumentalist
and producer of thirty years experience. Some people may be
familiar with his seven previous solo albums,
some with his work as an accompanist with the likes of
Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Rose Bygrave , Marcia Howard,
and Tiffany Eckhardt, amongst many others.
He is also familiar as the original guitarist with
Weddings Parties Anything.
This single comes to us from Colin who ripped and scanned
it for us, thanks Colin.
Also I have a request for Chuck, sorry I know when you
were a kid you wrote things down, but during my computer
crash a few weeks ago I lost your email and the email address
for the stripy box and the stuff you uploaded there.
Which I need to download again so I can post it all.
Sorry mate.
Anyway enjoy this wonderful single.

Download Here


A. FlockOfSeagulls said...

Many thanks for making this download available. I purchased the vinyl 45 back when the song was released and always thought it one of the most emotive tracks I've ever heard. Keep up the great work!

John said...

I was always of the opinion that the 1st Weddings album was their best and that the loss of Dave Steel killed their edgy charm somewhat. I also caught Dave live in the early 90's at the old St Pauls Tavern. I reckon there was me, my then girlfriend and at most 5 other people in attendance but like a trooper Dave played a fine set. IIRC Kim Salmon was support.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I saw dave a coulple of times at Woodford, he is a spellbinding performer when he gets going.

chuck said...

LOL! you gunna write it down this time ?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Yes that would be a good idea,
email me mate

Scotty said...

These two songs are from the album Bitter Street, which I bought found in the $2 bargain bin in a record store in Tassie around '89. Hardly listened to it at the time but dug it out a couple of years ago and it's hardly been out of my car tape deck since. No dud tracks, cleanly produced, heaps of searing fiddle (it's more "country" than blues, which seems to where Dave earns his bread and butter these days). One of those truly under-rated talents. Just found another old album of his (the CD of Angels Never Cry) - at a second-hand store. That was $5 and seems just as sweet...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

yeah . . truly under-rated Dave Steel - I reckon Weddo's best album was Roaring Days with his vocal and song-writing input. A hidden gem of Dave's is 'Edge of the World' if anyone's a fan. And 'Dreams of Blue Johanna' is one of my favourites of all time. I just dug out my old cassette of Bitter Street and check out the names amongst the liner notes - James Gillard, Chris Bailey, Jen Anderson, Peter Walker and Buzz Bidstrup. All those songs take me special places.