Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thanks For The Fish - Is It Strange/ J'ai Toujour Faim (De Toi)

The fantastically named Thanks For The Fish were a mid 80's
Brisbane band who had some highly original music and
left for Melbourne to make it big. I'm afraid I don't really
know anything much else, I think this was their only
single and that apart from a live video spot on the legendary
Brisbane Bands Rock Arena special, this video below that I
found on the net and Duncan has reminded me they had the
track "Who Needs Esperanto?" on the State of Emergence
album you can find somewhere here in the archives.
So dear readers if you have any other information that would be
Thanks to Colin for this single rip and scan from
his amazing record collection.

Download here

Thanks For The Fish @ Woodstockdale 13 Dec '86


Duncan said...

After "who needs esperanto?" on State of Emergence, I was looking forward to hearing something more, but the download only appears to have the cover in it?

The video is great, though, sounds and looks so much like my memories of Uni. And lots more "woodstockdale" online too!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thats right I should have remembered that thanks Duncan, sorry about the download Im fixing it up so it will contain the tracks as well, duh

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Ok the download is fixed

clownfishdesign said...

Hey, Bob, how's the sound quality on this, to your ears?

These are the first recordings I've done on my new computer, and I'm not sure how the sound card's shaping up. I'm using Audition 3 to do all the noise & click removal.

I seem to be hearing some distortion, but my hearing ain't what it used to be, so a second opinion would be welcome.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

sounds alright to me

Duncan said...


clownfishdesign said...

Thought you might be interested - the girl from Thanks For The Fish left a comment on Andrew Bartlett's blog here:

Her website is here:

ewe2 said...

Firstly, thanks so much to Colin for the rip because of course I lost my copy of the single. If you could provide a flac version of it, that too would be awesome for those of us who prefer to fiddle with their encodings.

As the bassplayer/secretary of the band of course I lost most of my memorabilia, but I have some braincells left and other things: the Fish started around 1985 and ended sometime around 1989. We wrote a bunch of songs, and demoed maybe a quarter or less of them. Thanks to 4zzz's airplay and support we played many gigs and supported some great bands: my favourite support gig was a special night in Byron Bay with Shriekback. Old Brisvegans will probably recall Smalltown Hicksville, The Hardest Lesson, and Recipe for Revolution, all of which were from our first demo and literally played to death on carts. I still have cassettes of most of the demos and am in the process of digitizing them so they may eventually come to light here if you so wish.

After we moved to Melbourne it was a case of small fish big sea and the inevitable breakup but it was fun and we're all proud of being part of that Brisbane heritage.

Note: the name is of course derived from Douglas Adams' books and I wrote to him and his agent for permission, which was generously granted. Of course I've lost the letters too. But now the knowledge is on the net and cannot die :p

Sean Dwyer

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks for your input Sean, I should be very happy to post anything Thanks for all the fish recorded, loved small town hicksville, so very Brisbane

veganismisnonviolence said...

Hi Bob :) I was surprised to see this entry. hehe.

Someone posted an old site of mine. :-) FYI: Here's my new sites:

Cheers & so long ;-)

Bob said...

Glad you could drop in Trish, I hope it brought back some nice memories