Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Purple Avengers - Starlight's Journey Home

"This country's swirling psycho-maestros"

Juke Magazine

Chuck always has his finger on the pulse and has put together
some great news and music in this post.
But let me hand over to Chuck and he shall explain all.

A nice gig coming up at the zoo june19 celebrating
old bris bands from the b.u.m.s. magazine era of 20 years ago

They have got a reprint book of early issues for sale but I
cant work out if they have organised the cd and dvd they
as part of the $20 price tag.. looks interesting tho.

Ive sent u some copies of this mag b4 and the staff really
deserves a round of applause for the hard work of the time
and the gig looks like a hoot too. I've included a copy of issue
63 that ties in with a copy of the Purple Avengers
cd "Starlight's Journey Home". Purple guys are listed on
bums site
for the gig but may have since dropped out as not
listed on zoo /
ticket sales sites.. sad.
I never got to see em play that i can remember but had many fun
conversations with all of them over the years. great ppl
and great music.

Download here


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob - happy to say the Purple Avengers ARE playing at The Zoo this Saturday... thanks for the mention! Richard Avenger

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks for the heads up Richard!

Duncan said...

Great to have this, thanks. Except that it might be telling me I'm getting old as the album isn't a patch on what I remember of the live gigs nigh on twenty years ago. Mind you, I guess the album might sound better at 4am than at 10am.

Fernando Rocha said...

Nice band. Sounds like out of time, between the 60´s-70´s.