Friday, June 4, 2010

Redgum - 24/4/84 Sydney Entertainment Center

Tim from here in Brisbane has inspired me to post a couple of
Redgum Gigs I have. He also sent me some Redgum stuff
I shall sort through and post what hasn't been done yet.
This is a great recording from one of Australia's greatest
bands, I'm forever surprised by people who contact me
about the band, from all over the world. People who are
fans in the truest sense of the word, I often wonder how
much of the local content can be understood by someone
in the US or Great Britain, I guess its those universal

01 Introduction
02 I've Been To Bali Too
03 Still Life
04 It Doesn't Matter To Me
05 Gladstone Pier
06 Fabulon
07 Spirit of the Land
09 Beyond Reason
10 Friday Night
11 I Was Only 19
12 The Long Run

Download Here


dabbo said...

Great to have this in audio. I have this concert on VHS ...On the Frontline concert video...not a bad one...very no frills though. Wish they would put this out on DVD with all the Redgum and John S. film clips.

Redgum had a profound effect on me when I first heard them in the early 80s...they are still relevant today.

Wonder what happened to Verity and Michael??

pavlol said...

hi can you please reup this now that you told me how to do this thanks paul.

Bob said...

Back up!

Anonymous said...

Any chance at all of this being reposted?