Monday, June 7, 2010

Redgum - Brisbane 1988 Expo

An excellent recording from the tail end of Redgum's career,
some great songs here and of course by this stage John
and Michael had long gone. Hugh's best songs are here
and 3 songs that are only found on the lost album

01 I've Been To Bali Too
02 Spirit of the Land
03 When Your Luck Ran Out
04 In Their Hands
05 Running with the Hurricane
06 Footsteps on the Moon
07 Talk, Water and Stone Winter and Spring
08 I Was Only 19
09 Diamantina Drover
10 War on the Weekends
11 The Long Run

Download Here


dabbo said...

This is great stuff....wish they would release this as a proper release ...perhaps digital downloads even....I suppose the record company still owns it etc etc.....

terraferalis said...

Cant seem to get this link to work...a shame as I'd love to get it.

Robert Kingston said...

G'day. Yet another Redgum fan who has stumbled across this website.

I may have some stuff you're still missing if you're interested. Email me at (skip use the NOBOTS part).

Cheers, Rob

Bob said...

back up

newelectricmuse said...

Hi - would it be possible to re-upload this? Have seen some videos of this show on Youtube but this is the whole concert! Many thanks.