Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kim Salmon and the Business - studio 22

This audio is from the ABC tv show called Studio 22 that ran for a few seasons circa 1999 - 2003

The band consists of :
Kim Salmon - Guitar and vocals
Stuart Thomas - Bass & vocals
Greg Bainbridge - Drums
Leon de Bruin - Trumpet, flugel horn
Michael Redman - Saxophone, flute

and they performed :

Behave Yourself
And Here Are Your New Clothes
Savin' Me From Me
Caesars Lament
I'll Be Around

 Great sounds !

You can catch repeats of studio22 on ABC2 from time to time..  keep a dvd-r in your recorder in case this one pops up!

Download studio22 audio here

You can catch a stream of Kim Salmon and the Surrealists recent cd "The Grand Unifying Theory" over at this web site -

and some nice stuff here for the Salmon project -


stu said...

Hi Chuck,
Do you happen to have a copy of this particular episode? ST

chuck said...

I do good sir.. I dont actually get advised of comments when they get posted so get bob to email me if you have an enquiry ;)