Monday, October 11, 2010

Four Horsemen - World to End all Wars

I did get to see these guys play once.. supporting Ups and Downs and Died Pretty at Easts Leagues Club in 1985 I think. I found this ad for the gig in an old 4ZZZ radio Times booklet.

This is the last Shane Cooke related thing I can find today... after this band he joined up with Matt Lenoury, fellow Vampire Lover and guitarist from Four Horsemen in the Hitmen DTK.  info on the VL wiki shows the evolution.
This band has Murray Shepherd from the Fun Things / Screaming Tribesmen and others on drums. He is the brother of Jason who played with a late line up of VL and also the brother of  Mr Guru Brad . ... small town this Brisbane . . . ....

A good article can be found over at Prehistoric Sounds blog on the Sheperds

Download single here


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hey Chuck great to see you flying the flag with these fantastic posts, I'll be back home by Sunday so our little adventure is coming to an end. Back to work for me!
Bugger, thanks for all your great work I'm looking forward to downloading ESP the Rob gig.
Bloody iPad won't let me!

chuck said...

crikey! that was quick... around the world in 80 seconds .. .. Back on sunday ? I've still got shitloads to post... gunna have to change all your passwords and hijack your blog im afraid.. call it "Chuck's World" © or summin.. sorry about that.. your still welcome to post comments tho, for old times sake :)

If you shoot the apple maxipad crap thing take a video.. Ill let you make a post about it on your old blog. . ... .

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

LOL your a funny bugger my friend, too jet lagged to say much else