Monday, October 11, 2010

Vampire Lovers - poster

This post is to start a few Shane Cooke related goodies. The poster here shows a support slot for Iggy Pop on his Instinct tour of 1989. Supporting the Ig ! I missed this gig but sure sounds like fun.

Shane played with the Vampire Lovers for years and had interests in the Girlies and with VL guitarist Matt Lenoury in the Four Horsemen and later in 1991 was in a line up of Hitmen DTK with Matt for the Moronic Inferno LP.
Not bad for a bass player !


Anonymous said...

I admire your collection of some history on me, some gospel, some missing bits.

chuck said...

SC also played with Les Bon Bons (I think i have heard of them many years ago) and Raggedy Man and Kcrunch (I've never heard of!), and a few songs on the 92 Deniz Tek release "Good 'Nuff" -

Often things i add to this blog read like Im a know all smartass with an endless supply of local music and assorted paraphenalia - but reality is more along the lines of a larger than most collection I dont mind sharing and many vague memories from those crazy halcyon days of teenage mischief, augmented by wiki type quick finds on the www thingy.

All artists are welcome to tell the real story here in comments or in an email to Bob... they can also complain about content if that is their wish..
The whole deal about this blog is to reignite interests in fine music from many moons ago..

welcome to the blog SC. :)

chuck said...

shit! I keep forgetting the Hitmen DTK classic "Surfin in another direction" release. If you come back SC - did u support "Dark Carnival" at the funkyard all those years ago ?
holy crap - i wish i had taken the tape recorder to that gig.. freakin fantastic night... . .

Shane Cooke said...

Yes Chuck we did an east coast tour with the Dark Carnival, Ron Ashton, Viagra, Scott Ashton and some other crazy Detriot rocker on Bass whose name escapes me.