Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I did on my holidays part 1, The Hamburg Blues Brothers

Ive been back now a couple of weeks and its time to start blogging
again. That doesn't mean you can stop Chuck!
Too many fans of your good work for that to happen.
I have a few musical stories to share from my time in Europe,
starting with this story from Hamburg.
Hamburg for those who don't know has a long long seafaring
history. Its Germany's 2nd largest city and its a port city.
One of the more interesting Lonely Planet entries for Hamburg
concerned the "famous" Fishmarket held every Sunday morning
from 5am till 10am.

So it was up early for the bus ride across town in the rather
cold weather that Hamburg has.
Not so much a Fish market as a market for everything and what
caught my eye was the free concert part of the market which is
held in the old Fish auction house. A wonderful building which as
you can see was crammed with people many of whom were drinking
beer with the kind of gusto rarely seen on a Sunday morning at 9am.
The band was a real crowdpleaser, all those blues brother standards
and more, they had them eating out of their hand.
You'd have to wonder how many of the crowd were still partying
from the night before.

It was all a bit surreal, very enjoyable however.
After checking out the market and being told by loudspeaker to leave
the area at 10 because the market was now over.
We made the 15 minute walk up the hill to the Reeperbahn,
which is the largest red light district in Europe, bigger than Amsterdam.
Hamburg was a city of surprises!


chuck said...

you can take the boy outta redcliffe, but you cant take the redcliffe outta the boy.. first chance he gets he is sneaking around red lights and devil music for sunday breakfast !!
welcome back to the posting... I can use a break.. this blog thing is time consuming aint it :)

ds4as55 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

John said...

Top stuff Bob. Sounds like you had a ball.