Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Celibate Rifles - 6 Days On The Road BW Groupie Girl and Merry Xmas Blues BW Summer Holiday Blues

Two fantastic singles from the legendary Celibate Rifles
a band I saw at least once and I also once saw their
very funny lead singer Damien Lovelock do a spoken
word performance.
Thanks Matt!

"... a couple of early belters from oz-rock bard boys,
the celibate
rifles. two non-album 7-inchers from
the early eighties, both released
on hot records.
a dual covers single from 1985 featuring the dave
truckin' memoir "6 days on the road",
backed by tony joe white's lament
on the existence,
use, and fate, of said "groupie girls".
Plus 1983's
'blues' offering "merry xmas blues"/
"summer holidays blues". both these
singles were
later reissued on the mummy-i-simply-must-have-it

compilation album "Platters du Joir", also on Hot,
compiling the early
singles and ep releases..."

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Woody said...

Thank you for this two singles. I love this band. Fantastic.