Wednesday, April 27, 2011

fast forward article from 'sonics' mag oct 1982

I've been searching the dungeon for weeks looking for a scrap of paper for an upcoming post - it's been driving me nuts! I know I wouldnt have thrown it out - my Scottish ancestory forbids it ( you should see my collection of used string) - but to date no luck :(

The upside is I keep stumbling across old magazines and lately a stash of mid eighties 'time off' papers that have some interesting articles that seem relevant to past and present Striped sunlight posts.

The first of these today is a great article on the 'Fast Forward" cassette releases that Bob (with Steve) posted back in Feb and March 2010. The article comes from a magazine called "Sonics" and this is from the Oct/Dec issue from 1982.

I just noticed all the Fast Forward releases have now found a new home over at the spill records site in the archive FF section found here 
with a nice intro by David Nichols.


Anonymous said...

Man, this is just AWESOME!!! Thanks a lot!!