Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sacred Cowboys - Nothing Grows In Texas BW Is Nothing Sacred

"this is the worst group I've seen in five years" - Molly Meldrum

Unlike Molly I love the Sacred Cowboys, it is said Gary Gray
and Mark Ferrie thought of the name after watching
"The Groovy Guru", an episode of the classic TV comedy
series Get Smart. In it, the Groovy Guru and his rock band,
the Sacred Cows, use psychedelic music to control the
minds of young people.
A special Easter post for the SSS.
Thanks to Matty for this little beauty!

"... debut single from the sacred cowboys.
with both tracks having already turned up
here previously on the 'self titled album' posting
(april '09), here they are again in the
art-for-art(efact)'s-sake form,

as the 7" single on white label records from 1982.
famously "challenged" molly to let them perform
this single on countdown. not sure who the
"victor" turned out to be..."

Download Here


Anonymous said...

saludos from valencia spain

DirtyDave07 said...

I tried to never miss a show of theirs,an awesome band,great post ,well done....Ive got a copy of a Sacred Cowboys 3RRR live to air radio broadcast 1984, if you are interested I can upload it and send you the link.
Loaded Skull
New kind of kick
Mister Ray
Twisted Nerve
Pay For It in The Next life
Strip Cell
Nailed To The Cross
Click Clack
Nothing Sacred

DirtyDave07 said...

...Oh yeah,and Ive got "We Love You...Of Course We Do" as well.
Division4 Theme
Run Run Run
Pablo Picasso
Juke Box babe
Run Through The Jungle
Five To One
Rocket USA
Highway 61
I Am The Walrus.
only 128kbs unfortunately,but well worth hearing.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I would love that recording Dave, you can send me a link here or contact me on FB the links on the right hand side of the blog
Thanks heaps

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,no worries,I just home from a work stint in Melbourne hence the delay,I'll do something about it this weekend mate.

Stas59 said...

Thank you so much for this. Back in the 80s I was an announcer at ZZZ and got to interview the Sacred Cowboys. They were friendly unpretentious guys who seemed genuinely chuffed when I told them how much I liked Nothing Grows in Texas. Thanks for the site, wonderful.