Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuff Monks - After The Fireworks 7"

"That single was like a jam session we had in the studio
which lasted about 2 hours and we never even finished...
How on earth they could release it I really don't know.
It's ludicrous, a travesty... The whole point of the exercise
was no one was meant to be credited.
It was just meant to be 'The Tuff Monks',
no explanation, nothing."

Mick Harvey

The story behind this 1982 7" legendary collusion
between the Go-betweens and the Birthday Party
makes for interesting reading, you can read it on
wikpedia Here
Thanks to Matty for sharing more amazing
singles from his collection.

"... interesting collaboration (go)between
(birthday)parties for this 7"
vinyl from 1982
on the Au-go-go label. nick cave, vocals, mick
piano, grant mclennen, robert forster and
howard, guitars, and lindy morrison on drums.
both tracks eventually resurfaced- on the
cd reissue of "drunk on the pope's blood"
on missing
link, and the a-side only,
on the go-
betweens cd reissue of
"send me a
lullaby" on circus records..."


Download Here


Anonymous said...

Bob love your blog thanks for all the great music, I remember buying this single back in the 80's from Black'n'Blue Records, sounded great then still does today, cheers Adam

Stan Lee said...

I saw them live, well kinda, at a big Missing Link night at the Tiger Lounge in Richmond circa '82 I think. Seem to remember a loose Sun Ra style jam band led by Bruce Milne also appeared. It was a long time ago some memories are a tad hazy.

Anonymous said...

My band were recording a single at Richmond Recorders in 1982 and when we'd done the backing track and were setting up the vocals this guy came in with a reel to reel tape and said the Go Betweens and The Birthday Party had just recorded this down at AAV and would we like to hear the 'unmixed' tape. He put it on and we were so knocked out we almost gave up making our own record it was so good. There was no way known that this wasn't going to be a huge international hit. It wasn't. The trouble with the finished product was the final mix totally sucked. A whole verse is missing and some of it's actually out of sync. I'm pretty sure Keith Glass mixed this so he's 100% to blame for it's averageness. If this record was the 'unmixed' version I heard back in 82 it'd be as well known as Hey Jude or Jumpin Jack Flash.

Mylene McSnapper said...

The band Stan Lee was referring to was The Sunburnt Pharaohs. It was made up of a virtual who's who of Melbourne musicians and Bruce Milne's friends. I think Equal Local and tch tch tch made up the bulk of the band. The only song I remember they played was The Dodo by Jumpin' Gene Simmons.

watchherride said...

can you please reup?