Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Kransky Sisters - Three Bags Full

For those who don't know of Queensland's own musical comedy trio
The Kransky Sisters let me try to explain.
Written and performed by Annie Lee (Mourne) and
Christine Johnston (Eve) in collaboration with
Carolyn Johns (Dawn), the Knansky's are 3 sisters who come
from Esk a small rural town not 45 mins from Brisbane.
They tell hilariously disturbing tails from their lives in
Esk and in this show "Three bags full" all the way to Europe.
Along the way they weave in songs that they learnt from the
radio, its a incredibly diverse collection of covers that
get the Kransky treatment and a song is never the same
after that!

There was Devo's Whip It, ACDC's Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap,
The Bee Gees Stayin Alive, Steve Millers Stuck in the middle
and so much more.
They even picked an unfortunate fellow from the audience to
become Greg an honorary Kransky.
At the end of their wonderful performance they walked out
through the audience to the sounds of one of their earlier
signature tunes Single Bed
I last saw these guys maybe 15 years ago at Woodford Folk
Festival and as brilliant as they were back then they have
only improved with age.
The show is at the Powerhouse until tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the Kransky's were from Queensland. But they are wonderfully funny and clever.