Saturday, May 10, 2014

BNE Project

Well this is an incredible project!
Dennis Remmer co owner of Brisbane record label Transmission
Communication is celebrating 20 years and releasing what is the
largest undertaking of its kind in the world, a document that
archives 35 years of electronic music history in one city.
Everyone is here the document is a 113-­page “coffee table”-­style book
and USB archive of 260 tracks from 140 bands and artists.
BNE will be launched in conjunction with an exhibition and showcase
event.The BNE book will feature comprehensive information, photos,
timelines and histories.
Profits from the release are being donated to the
Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust which aims to improve the
wellbeing of the most marginalised, vulnerable members of
the Brisbane community.
 Orders start later this month
check out their web site for more details and for orders here


mmawson said...

Seen a preview of the book. It looks excellent.