Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hits - NYE 2014

Hits have a new album out.. called 'Hikikomori" - you should buy it… it fucking rocks alot and rolls some too.
I was a bit slow in getting their first cd.. rookie mistake… it fucking rocks alot and rolls some too..
They have this sound that made that guy from Radio Birdman and New Christs produce this new cd… whats his name… bugger.. will think of it later…
Anyway go to and order a copy before they disappear..
Rob Younger.. now i remember.. great producer.. he did this project justice.
I cant be fucked pretending to be a journo or some creative writer dik on this one.. if yer quick you can write yer own review from the stream of the cd they put up here - .. maybe Bob will post it.. who knows.. who cares… i already know it's good.
They are shit hot live too ya know… saw em on NYE a few months back.
you can watch it too if ya wanna -->>

It was a great night with Leftovers and X and a few other ppl i cant remember right now..


Meltingpod said...

I LOVE HITS !!! Annie

Bob Nebe said...

I figured you would Annie, Its a great album the song Loose Cannons is getting a lot of airplay on ZzZ and its a great song. The cover of Shadowplay is unreal, capturing the essence of joy division while stamping their very own sound of it. I think the hits will be one of those Brisbane bands that make it to legendary status around the world