Sunday, May 25, 2014

Robert Forster - WASSERMUSIK Festival Berlin 03.08.13

Another wonderful Robert Forster recording thanks to Ron
in Berlin, this time one of his own from the 2013
Wassermusic  Festival organised by Dietrich Diederichsen who
once was a guitar player in Forsters band (Danger In The Past)
Also a few photos from Ron as well.

Just Robert with a new german band playing through
the highlights of his Go-Between and solo back catalog
some 19 songs that include songs from the start of the
Gobs to the end
And an appreciative German audience
that can really understand a song like here comes the city!

Thanks Ron for all the wonderful music!

                                                 Track List

01 Baby Stones
02 Spirit
03 I Can Do
03 RF Welcome
04 Surfing Magazines
05 German Farmhouse
06 Your Turn My Turn
07 I'm Alright
08 Head Full Of Steam
09 121
10 Rock and Roll Friend
11 People Say
12 Draining The Pool For You
13 Heart Out To Tender
14 Here Comes A City
15 Dive For Your Memory
16 Too Much Of One Thing
17 Born To A Family
18 Spring Rain
19 Darlinghurst Nights

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Anonymous said...


Wassermusik concert: Sat, Aug 03, 2013, 08:30 PM

Robert Forster (vocals, guitar)
Michael Mühlhaus (keyboards, bass),
Ramin Bijan (guitar, bass),
Robert Kretschmar (drums).

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XDreamist said...

I would very much appreciate reupload of this concert. All the links are currently dead. Thank you very much