Friday, May 30, 2014

The Clergy - Glow

Back in the early 90's maybe lat 80's a band of young but
talented musicians formed a band called The Clergy.
They hail from Rockhampton in Queensland,
some 600 hundred kms north of Brisbane.
Now I'm sure many of you haven't heard of this band
but maybe you have heard of Brisbane band Halfway.

This was John Busby vocalist and guitarist of Halfway's first
band, its a wonderful pop band reminiscent of so much
Australian indy music of the time.
Well worth a listen for fans of the Brilliant 8 piece Halfway,
that includes John Willsteed in its number and who's last
couple of Lps have been produced by Robert Forster.
There is a great interview with John Busby on The Clergy and
Halfway you can find here

Download Here


shakinghands said...

gday Bob. thought you might enjoy this songcycle we've performed a few times in bathurst. might have a crack at some crowd funding for this so would love to get some feedback from your listeners.