Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dave Warner's From The Suburbs - Mug's Game (1978)

One of the things I want to do on this blog is post stuff I haven't seen
anywhere else. I can't believe I haven't seen this little beauty before.
This is a classic Australian record, truly from the suburbs and very
late 1970's. Yet like nothing else out at the time
and you could say ever since.
A mix of live and studio tracks, this was Dave's first recording
and some say his best.
With stand out tracks like the single "Suburban Boy"
the biting sarcasm of "Convict Streak" the brilliant cover of
"Eve Of Destruction" and the truly classic "Mugs Game"
you can forgive some of the odder songs,
But what a wild ride.
How about the lyrics on this.
Check out the chorus of "Convict Streak",

"Maybe its because of our convict streak,
That we want to fight everyone that we meet.
Anzac day is our day of the year,
We march our march and we drink our beer"

or this verse

"I'm Australian we all are,
We watch the telly and we drive our car.
But don't you ever say were weak,
Or you'll learn all about our convict streak"

But the highlight is the 13 minute "Mugs Game"
you have to hear this to believe it.
Part spoken word manifesto to the disaffected
young men of Australian. Following Daves impressions
of 3 popular and successful men and their appeal
that he and others like him don't have.
So funny.
Heres a bit about a fellow called Zongo.

"A typical Australian beach, I'm struggling out of the surf, panting heavily for I'm overweight.
Two young nubile women on the beach
"Oooh, isn't he spunky!"
"Which one? That one in the lurex?"
"No, not HIM!"
"That one over there with the earing in his ear and the bleached blonde hair."
"That's Zongo, let's go over and talk to him."
"Hi Zongo!"
"Hi girls!
"How are you?"
"Far out!"
"What have you been doing with your self lately Zongo?"
"I've just been having an insane time."
"Hey look there's Rory! Rory couldn't get a wave if he tried!" *stupid laugh*
"I've been having an insane time, last night I went out to the drive ins to see Kung Fu Fighting and we drank two bottles of Tequilla and got really smashed. Insane!"
"Oh isn't he spunky!"

Gee why couldn't I have been like that?
Whenever I had tequilla I could only have about three glasses and then I couldn't remember whether to bite the lemon before you had the salt or vice versa.
Never a success."

I found this Dave's web site, yep He's still kicking.


Yes, finally we can announce THE NEW MUG'S GAME CD is here. The double CD includes the original 1978 MUG'S GAME album plus a second bonus CD of 14 early recordings by Dave Warner. Most of these are demos which Dave recorded in London in 1976. Tony Durant, who came out to join the Suburbs in Australia, plays on many of these tracks. They also include the Bicton Records release of Summer 78/Australian Heat which Dave recorded in Perth with the original Suburbs line-up prior to Tony's arrival.

How cool is that I may have to update from vinyl.

Download Here


bazzil said...

The first time I heard this was when my Film and Television Studies teacher at school let me have a listen to his copy when I was in grade eight (I don't think my mother would have appreciated it though).
A true classic.

And thanks for the link.
I gave you one back ;)


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks so funny bazzil
and thanks for the link
ciao bob

bomber Peake said...

Help link is dead re-up anyone. Go Old Easts

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

ciao bob

bomber Peake said...


Anonymous said...


Sorry I only recently found this little gem. I have been trying to download it for a while but it just goes round and round on zshare without ever producing the actual file for download. Any chance of a re-up to Mediafire or something? I would be greatly indebted for any kindness shown!



Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Ivan, Reuped For your listening pleasure
ciao bob

Micko said...

Is this the edition with the bonus disc as I have the album on CD but I'm looking for their early single "Summer '78" which is on the 2nd CD. Hope somebody can help



Anonymous said...

I've got a very special 12 inch single from Dave Warner called "Half Time At The Football". Let me know if you'd like to hear it

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Oh yes please that sounds fantastic
ciao bob

John said...

Hi Bob. How will I get "Half Time At The Football" to you. I'm new to blogs. A friend at work mentioned I could get music on them so I gave it a try. In fact the first thing I downloaded was "Mug's Game" from you. Have you ever heard "Halftime At The Football"? If you haven't you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi John, I've heard of "Halftime At The Football" but have never seen a copy. Looking forward to hearing it.
The easiest way to get music to me or anyone for that matter is to upload a Zipped file of the music to one of the file sharing sites,
They give you a link which allows others to download the file.
I'm using this one now
its free and seems reliable.
So as so long as you have a Mp3 rip
of the record that's the way.
If you haven't ripped yet then thats another story.
Also some people prefer to mail stuff that works when there is a large volume of material.
If you upload put all individual
file into one folder, zip it and then upload it.
When you have a link you can email it via myspace or facebook, both of those ways to contact me are here on the blog.
Otherwise post the link here or you can give me your email via here, I won't post it and I will email you with contact details.
When all that is finished I'll post it on the blog, so art work is very good for that
ciao bob

John said...

Hi Bob. Here's the link for "Half Time At The Football" http://sharebee.com/d8109c50 ... Enjoy

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thank you john that is fabulous,
I'll try and post this tonight

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to part of the phenomenon that was Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs back in the 70’s in Perth. It was a lifestyle, whatever nights Dave played, wherever he played, we were there. Some Saturdays they did 3 gigs, a Saturday lunchtime gig at Alberts in the city, regular Saturday nights at the Shenton Park hotel, then a late gig at the new wave nightclub above a bank in East Perth, called Hernando’s Hideaway. Mug’s Game always changed, every night it was different, always bringing into the dialogue current affairs, politics etc as it happened. It became an ever-changing commentary on life as a teenager in Perth. Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs was often supported by the guys who are now INXS, a former Perth Band called The Farris Brothers. Warner started the several band, all day & night gigs such as the Boxing Day Belmont Ball Busters, at the Belmont Hotel. We were isolated in the West, a long way from the fledgling pub rock & Countdown scene in the rest of Australia, so Warner gave us an innovative different way to see live music. Convict Streak could be our national song, it’s amazing. Warner & Johnny Leopard & gang, changed the face of music in this country. So many bands came out of Perth, or were influenced by the Pub Rock Scene here. Other well know performers like Dave Faulkner from Hoodoo Gurus, were very much influenced by seeing the Suburbs play. Faulkner used to sneak in well under age to see Warner play. Sadly we lost Leopard about 4 years ago. RIP Johnny, I’ll always be your schoolgirl…. I’d be happy to be contacted by anyone wanting to know more about The Suburbs, and especially by any of the Suburban Army from ’76-’78. I also have heaps of recent photos of the band performing if anyone is interested in them. katie1959@bigpond.com

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

The Perth music scene back way back sounds a bit like Brisbane, isolated, inovative and influencal.
I should love to here more.
I'd love to see em perform now!
Thanks katie

Mark said...

When this album came out it was like nothing else ! We saw them play at NSW Uni in 78 or 79.
I\ve been looking for the back of album artwork- that really sums it up ! - but I cant find it anywhere online